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Door frame intelligent device

Door Frame Automatic Forming Assembly Line





Product advantage
The Machine Function
Used for forming of outside frame of Security Door
(single lainglarge size lacing.moulds engraving.)

Production Proceed
Feeding inFlatteningHoleGuideFormingStait- >utting0ut

Low energy consumption
All drives adopt frequency conversion, resistance wire heating, low price, low cost and widely used.

Optional configuration
①Mechanical type control system or Panasonic/Mitsubishi PLC control system (Optional).

②The forming machine can be special designed and manufactured as customer's requirements.Main Electronic Components Brand on machine: CHNT 8 Schneider δ Omron.(optional)

Technical parameters
Model NCM-680
Feeding Thickness (0.8-2.0)mm
Feeding Width (300-400)mm
Unit Length (1000-3000)mm
Production speed (0-6)m/min
Power of Host Machine 30-45KW
Main Application Steel Door Flame
Transmission Structure Separate Gear Box or Bevel Gear

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