Either you are a gambling newbie or a proficient & booming punter, you will agree with the following words. It is extremely difficult to find a reliable online casino that would bring huge and fast real money payouts. You are not alone – there is a myriad of gamblers like you who cannot find a dope venue to release their passion for risk.

If you were wondering where to find the best online casino websites, you have ended up at a perfect venue – On-LineCasino.com. In this best casino guide, you will learn everything about online gambling venues – from what class of games gamblers prefer to what games bring more money. Let’s go!

How did online casinos emerge?

In 1994 the extreme adoption of the Internet started – the «dot-com» rage. That’s exactly when the Microgaming soft-dev company was established. It is believed to the pioneer provider of online gambling facilities, labelled The Gaming Club.

Since then many more casinos have emerged. A plethora of them have the same software providers like CryptoLogic Inc (or Amaya), Playtech, Golden Race or many others. At present you are free to do online anything – engage in lottery games, craps, poker or roulette!

Online casinos worth 100% of your attention

If you are a beginner at wagering games, this «newbies» section of the online casino guide by On-LineCasino.com is a must for you. Why is it important? First, you will learn how to access risky games online. Second, you will become acquainted with different game rules. Thus, you will get exposed to a wider variety of gambling options and, most importantly, will have greater chances to win more cash!

Casino games classified by access

So here are the online gambling games classified by the way you can access them. Do you own an iPhone? Or do you go to the next corner computer club to bet? Select the most suitable games in accordance with your opportunities and win big now.

Downloadable online casinos

Simple as A-B-C-D, these casinos you need to get onto your pc. Technically, it is software, and it was more widespread during the times when the WWW browsers were not much developed. Nowadays browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and others provide gamblers with greater opportunities. That’s why download online venues for gambling are less popular, but you can still bump into desktop versions of some games.

Non-downloadable online casinos

Non-downloadable online casinos are accessible via a desktop browser. They are also called instant casinos. Thanks to them, you can effortlessly enter the game and get your cash straight away. How to start gambling online? Here’s your personal algorithm:

  • Select a trustworthy instant online casino
  • Sign up and log in
  • Deposit
  • Acquire your bonuses
  • Start wagering right there

It is noteworthy that instant casinos are ideal for newcomers. You can give a shot to many of them and deactivate your casino account should you find better options. What’s another advantage of no download casinos? With them, you won’t have to bother about cleaning up the memory on your pc.

Take into account, though, that you will need a Flash login installed for most online casinos. Yet, you can still find sites whose providers have developed HTML5 slots.

Android & iOS-friendly casinos

Are you eager to play online slots during the break on the hectic workday? Or are you into online blackjack on-the-go? That’s possible thanks to mobile casinos. Download casino game apps from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Otherwise, you can get them right from online casino platforms, and make bets at any convenient place for you, using mobile data. Either you own a smartphone or a tablet, you can select a game based on any mobile operating system.

Live casinos

Get a good web-camera for these casinos. Enjoy card games, e.g., baccarat or blackjack, as well as various roulettes. Cards used in live casinos are larger than typical ones. It helps the participants to see them well even on wee screens. If you choose live casinos, be ready for live interactions with punters from all over the globe.

VR casinos

Have you dreamt about spinning the realistic reels of casino slots or making a risky poker bet at home? That’s possible thanks to Virtual Reality Casinos. If you have a VR headset and passion for taking risks, you should try these casinos out. Sure enough, it’s rather for gambling pros rather than newbies, but if you can afford the VR equipment, go for it!

Casino games by playing rules & styles

Now let’s check out at the bandwagon online casino games, classified by rules and styles.

Slot games

Online slot activities resemble casino slot machines. Take a breath, spin the reels of slots and hope for luck. You can easily get huge sums of USD, EUR, bonuses or more. If in the old times you had to pull down the lever arm of the machine in an old-school gambling venue, now you can win the money anywhere.

A wider choice of reels, more random bonuses and, hence, greater chances to hit the jackpot – that’s the reality of today. You should try progressive slots. They can be united under the umbrella of one online gambling platform or a greater network managed by the software provider. Progressive slots are good as they have more jackpots.

Table games

Among table and card activities are:

  • poker
  • baccarat
  • blackjack
  • different roulettes, etc.

If you’re into combining gambling, strategic thinking and skills, if you don’t wish to rely merely on luck, card games are your cup of tea. If you prefer betting on numbers, you should try out one or all of these:

  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Dragonara Roulette
  • Double-Ball Roulette

Online Lotteries

Sports betting, online lottery tickets, Chinese lotteries and others are accessible online too. One of them is Keno, which is often played in modern casino platforms. Wager by choosing number 1 through 80 and maybe you’ll be the lucky one.

What bonuses can you get while gambling online?

Signup bonus (or welcome bonus)

Register on a casino site. After that, make your first-round deposit. Once done, the casino will gratify you with a deposit bonus. It sum might be as huge as your first «invested» amount, so the larger amount you put, the larger your registration bonus will be.

Note that you may acquire more than just one 100% deposit. Top online casino websites envisage additional bonuses for a few following deposits. Let’s say, if you get 95% for your initial «investment», you may get 45% and 15% for following ones respectively.

Bonus with no deposit required

If you are fortunate to register on a generous online casino site, forget about deposits – you can obtain benefits for gratis. That’s called a welcome prize, and that’s your path to winning first real money and no waste at all!

Free spins

For participating in slots activities you can be awarded by free games. For that, you have to add cash to your casino account (unfortunately, it’s a must in most casinos), bet on the sum and hope for luck in the slots game.


Check details on gambling sites to figure out if they have other bonuses. For instance, they may offer happy hours or gambling «races» during which you can wager or play games with discounts or effortlessly win more cash.

How do we select the safest online casinos?

On-LineCasino.com offers the widest choice of the best online casinos. The site’s team has around 20 years of experience in reviewing gambling online platforms, and never relies only on other reviews. The team chooses the sites based on reliable criteria and tests all of them as well as their games in practice. All the blacklisted online casinos are filtered out. Here’s what On-LineCasino.com considers when reviews online gambling venues:


Only licensed casinos platforms are reviewed by On-LineCasino.com. A reliable one must have a certificate, issued by gambling licensing authorities. This document envisages that the casino is entitled to function within the gambling realm. Licenses are given only to casinos which meet the industry requirements. Here are some of the authorities which issue casino permissions:

  • The Gambling Commission (UK)
  • Danish Gambling Authority
  • The Malta Gaming Authority
  • Gambling and Lottery Supervision Department (Czech Republic), etc.


Besides licenses, our reviewers investigate if online casinos are encrypted and protected with SSL. It is also important to know where the online casino is registered if it’s traded publicly as these are signs of a reliable one. Lastly, our reviewers verify whether or not online casinos which are to be listed on the site use RNG software.

Casino games portfolio

If an online casino has multiple going options, it means it is reliable. Our reviewer check if online casino’s games portfolio is wide enough – it should have games provided at least by some famous developers like Microgaming, Playtech or their counterparts. We also check if the best online casinos use cutting-edge and top-notch technologies to let you enjoy any game from slots and table games to various lotteries.

Payment features

Even though it’s easy to play, it might be problematic to withdraw the fruits of your gambling from a casino site. That’s why we verify thoroughly if gambling sites have high payout limits and if it doesn’t take too much time to process deposits or payouts.

Reputable online casinos don’t let your money be pending for more than 48 hours. Finally, we check if casinos have payment alternatives, e.g., Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, Neteller, ePayments, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, etc.


The reviewed online casinos also have great bonus opportunities – from high welcome bonuses to free spins which would allow players to gain more. Reputable casinos express their loyalty to clients by giving them high casino bonuses.

Customer support

Secured casino platforms have round-the-clock client support. You should have a right to turn to it anonymously. If they aren’t replying to you regarding a deposit or withdrawal, gaming processes, etc., those sites aren’t worth your attention.

Who develops and provides online casinos?

If you want to avoid blacklisted casinos, keep an eye out on the casino’s devs and software providers. You aren’t buying a pig in a poke if the online casino you’re interested in has some games from such giants as Amaya, Microgaming or NetEnt.

Among less known yet trustworthy devs are Yggdrasil and Kiron Interactive. A plethora of them uses HD, HTML5 and 3D technologies to feed your gambling appetite and there’s no need for you to install Flash Player anymore.

Online Casino FAQ: all you never knew about wagering online

In this section of the helpful online casino guide, you will learn all the tiny details about this industry. That’s all for your first playing experience to be smooth and enjoyable!

What is the payout percentage?

It is the percentage of winning sum that you can acquire. In top-notch slot machines, you can obtain 82%-98% of your winnings.

How do I deposit & withdraw cash safely?

First, you should inquire about deposit and withdrawing options on casino sites. The safest are those accepted in most corners of the world – MasterCard or Visa. There are other multiple options such as handy e-wallets and vanguard online payment systems Neteller, Skrill, PayPal or ePayments. They are also safe.
If you are comfortable with cryptocurrencies, some online casinos are ready to receive payments in Bitcoins and Ether, so bear that in mind too.

How do I get a casino bonus?

Typically, reliable casino platforms have signup bonuses, so you will receive them automatically upon registering and making the first round deposit. The gifts are up to 100% of your initial sum. Some generous casino sites offer no deposit (free) bonuses, adored by gamers a lot.
So, you can wager online without wasting your money! Additionally, you can take part in free spins to get free games (but only in online slots machines), gambling marathons or happy hours to get more cash or discounts.

Is it safe to play online casinos?

It is safe if you select a trustworthy real money online casino. Look through online casino guides, read casino sites reviews, expert and user comments, do some research on your own. Reliable gambling sites use top-notch security features and are encrypted. They do not share your personal or bank information with third parties. You can wager online anonymously too.

Can I pay online casinos anywhere on earth?

At first sight, it may seem that you can do gambling anywhere. But in reality, the state of your residence the state where the casino is registered are the determinant factors. That’s why – always check if casinos are legal where you live.
Let’s take a handful of examples: a licensed UK casino site will be accessible in some European countries where casinos are legalized, but it won’t be accessible to people in the American states, where gambling is banned. If you can’t acmes a particular site, you may want to use VPN services which will encrypt your data, including info about the place of your stay.

Can I ever win in online casinos?

Sure thing! Moreover, you can hit multiple jackpots should you wisely use your strategic thinking, love to risk and gambling skills. You can get real cash fast if you don’t put all eggs into one basket. Try different games – from progressive slots to table games, from Chinese lotteries to craps and various roulettes. As a newcomer, you may not win big from the start, but trial and error will make you successful anyway.

What games should I focus on to win more?

This is very wise of you to inquire about this. Are you eager to win big? Then play casino games with the largest payouts. These are craps, blackjack, roulettes and other card and table activities. They require more experience and skills than slots which rely mostly on luck.

What are online casino tournaments?

These are competitions for gambling teams who share the prize at finals. In great request are slots, poker and blackjack tournaments.

The bottom line

This On-LineCasino.com manual has made you familiar with the main gambling secrets – from the historical dawn of casinos to questions on how to acquire deposit bonuses. Now, as you have become better aware of how to gamble and wager, it’s time for you to take a risk and win real money at the best online casinos!