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    When the customer needs to seek help after the equipment has problems or failures, they can first request support and guidance by phone. After confirming the customer's service request, the customer service department will arrange for a technician to help the customer locate the fault by phone within the specified time. , and propose solutions, and finally guide customers to solve problems or troubleshoot equipment failures.

    2. Field Service

    If the customer encounters difficulties when using the equipment or the equipment is in an abnormal state, if the technical fault of the equipment cannot be solved through telephone service, if it is determined through consultation between the two parties that on-site troubleshooting is required, the customer service department will assign an engineer within the promised time. Go to the scene to analyze the cause of the failure, formulate a troubleshooting plan, and finally eliminate the failure.

    3.Online QQ, email and other network support services

    We provide personalized online QQ, MSN and other network support services to meet the needs of more customers, provide users with question exchanges and online answers during equipment use, or record troubleshooting videos and transmit them online, thereby greatly improving service efficiency. and service quality.

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