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Door panel intelligent device

Inside & Outside Door Panel Automatice Forming Assembly Line





Product advantage
The Machine Function
Used For Forming Door Sheets

Production Proceed
Feed in→TW0 side locateTW0 side formingfeeding outTW0 Side flangingForming

Low energy consumption
All drives adopt frequency conversion, resistance wire heating, low price, low cost and widely used.

Optional configuration
①Mechanical type control system or Panasonic/Mitsubishi PLC control system (Optional).

②The forming machine can be special designed and manufactured as customer's requirements.Main Electronic Components Brand on machine: CHNT δ Schneider 8 Omron.(optional)

Technical parameters
Model NCM-600
Feeding Thickness (0.4-1.0)mm
Feeding Width (600-1100)mm
Unit Length (1800-2200)mm
Production speed (5-6)m/min
Power of Host Machine 25KW
Main Application Security Door Panel The Side Forming Machine And The Updown Bending

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